Return of The Black Pharaoh

The Funeral of Jackson Elias

In the aftermath of the raid on the Juju House, the party finds itself with a host of odd items, including a mask, a scepter, a grey headband and a copper bowl. The learn from the book Africa’s Dark Sects about the mask. It is a powerful cultist item called the Mask of Hayama, which can be used for envisioning 4 gods: Nodens, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, and Azathoth. It is said that using the mask can be useful in contacting these entities. Thinking that maybe Lifeson (Aleister Crowley) may have some useful knowledge, they arrange a late dinner with him. He suggests a place with a good steak and private room.

Admitting at last that he was Aleister Crowley, he is guarded when asked about mythos related information. It wasn’t until the Baron mentioned Azathoth that he was notably stirred. He tells the group that Azathoth is the seething nuclear chaos at the center of the universe… whatever that means. He imparts that he has read a translation of a book called Mysteries of the Worm, translated into to English by Leggett, originally written by a sorcerer named Ludwig Prinn in the 1500’s. He said in this book he learn such names as Azathoth and the dark messenger Nyarlathotep. Nyarlathotep, also know as the crawling chaos, was somehow connected with a Black Pharaoh called Nephren-Ka… who may be Nyarlathotep, or may be an actual pharaoh of Egypt… the lines are blurred and seems that the title Black Pharaoh may be interchangeable between the two. He relates this to Elias’ notes, particularly the entry of “Many names, many forms” for Nyarlathotep is said to have many forms. Crowley is noticeably troubled.

The next day, Elias’ funeral takes place. It is conducted in Brooklyn’s Evergreen Cemetery by a reverend from the Seaman’s Church. After Kensington gets up to say a few words, the Baron and Fowler notice a nervous white male enter the chapel and take a seat in the back. He studies the group. Knowing that something is not right about him, Fowler gets up and goes to speak with him. He bolts. A chase ensues, with Fowler and the Baron keeping pace. He appeared to be running towards a Cleveland Six automobile. Finally the man’s pace gives out and Fowler catches up with him and tackles him. The auto speeds off, leaving the man behind. The Fowler and the Baron question him. He states that he was sent by Mukunga, who wants his stuff back and that Mukunga is laid up at Fat Maybell’s speakeasy in Harlem. They turn him into the police.



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