Return of The Black Pharaoh

Initial Investigations

Following the events of the previous night, our party of investigators goes about piecing together the clues and visiting the last known people who had seen Jackson Elias alive. A stop to Elias’ publisher Jonah Kensington provided the party with Elias’ organized Nairobi notes and the frighteningly jumbled scribblings he wrote while in London and perhaps while at sea.

A visit to Emerson Imports yielded that Elias had indeed visited here, and talked with Arthur Emerson. Emerson noted that Elias was interested in African Importer Ahja Singh, whose sole account in New York City was the Juju House in Harlem. He also noted that Silas N’Kwane was the manager of the Juju House. He told the party what he told Elias, that they were “Darky foreigners and bad to boot”.

Also on this day, a call to the Harvard Library yielded that Elias had inquired about a book called Africa’s Dark Sects from the librarian Miriam Atwright. Miss Atwright told the investigators that the book had mysteriously disappeared from the collection and she was unable to send it to Elias.

Also, on this day the Baron sends a telegram to Edward Gavigan in London explaining the Elias had been murdered and what his recollections of Elias’ meeting with him were. The response came the next day. It was short, guarded and perhaps even cryptic.



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