Return of The Black Pharaoh

A Trip to Arkham

After turning the cultist over to the police, the party takes the Hartford and New Haven train to Boston and transfers to the B&M train to Arkham. The arrive about midnight and get a room at the best hotel they can find. The next day they seek out Anthony Cowles, the professor whose lecture at NYU was missed by Elias and the party. Cowles is a boisterous Aussie, very friendly and a little fiery. He is easily persuaded to recount his lecture. It primarily consists of a tale about an old Aboriginal cult worshipping something called Sand Bat, the Father of All Bats. He also mentions a lost city in the desert and shows some over-exposed slides of massive cut stone. He finally mentions that Sand Bat was defeated by Rainbow Snake.

He proves to have little information regarding either African or Egyptian cults or items, except saying that the scepter seems to be a fetch stick used in tribal magic. The bowl the party has seems to be something called copper from above and used by sorcerers to send dreams. A quick trip to the geology department confirms that it seems to match no known terrestrial copper.

During their stay in Arkham, they receive word that Erica Carlyle wishes to meet with them. They return to New York City.



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