Return of The Black Pharaoh

A Meeting with Erica Carlyle

Erica Carlyle is rather forthcoming about her late brother. She mentions that it all seems to be the doings of the Negro woman. That Roger was somehow captivated by her and Erica is convinced she played a part in Roger’s expedition to Egypt. She mentions that she knows nothing about Aubrey Penhew, but assumes he needed money. She said that Robert Huston went along to continue treating Roger, something the party didn’t find plausible. She said she was unimpressed by Hypatia Masters and Jack Brady was her brother’s loyal confidant.

She shows the party the books from the safe and is persuaded to lend them to the investigators. They include the Pnakotic Manucripts, Selections of the Livre d’ Ivon. The People of the Monolith and Life as a God. They have little time to deal with the books just yet, and take them along.

When returning to the city, a call to the police department reveals that they would be unable to recover the psychoanalyst’s files and that Mukunga was in custody.

The decide that it is time to escape from New York and go to London to trace back the footsteps of Elias.



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