Return of The Black Pharaoh

A meeting and a kidnapping

Shortly after the telegram from Edward Gavigan arrived, Baron Middleton returned to his room. After not returning for a while, the Explorer went up to see where he had gotten off to. The evidence pointed to Middleton being abducted from his room. Searching the hotel, it was clear that he went out with the laundry.

The Contessa, previously making contact with the mysterious man in the next room from Elias’, Alexander Lifeson, arranged a lunch meeting at the Russian Tea Room. Lifeson explains that he too was summoned by Elias and feels responsible in some way for his death. Had he pressed Elias for more information or been more vigilant, Elias’ may still live.

As the rest of the investigators arrive at the tea room, the Antiquarians recognize that Lifeson bears a striking resemblance to noted occultist Aleister Crowley. After Lifeson leaves they impart this information. Crowley is known for being an occultist, author, black magician, pan-sexual dope fiend, and a little off-kilter, perhaps as evidenced by Lifeson’s liaison and opium use on the night of Elias’ murder.

On to the matter at hand, the party determines that the Ju-Ju House is the most logical place to investigate the kidnapping of their associate and Elias’ murder. The meet with Silas N’Kwane, who seems to be hiding something. They quickly determine that what he was hiding was a trap door in the floor. The pull a gun on K’wane and back him up into a corner. They close down the shop, and go off to explore the basement. There they find Middleton and Martin Poole tied to the wall above a lidded pit. They were soon set upon by the animated corpses of former victims of the Bloody Tongue cult, whom they were able to determine were more susceptible to fire than bullets. After fighting the zombies they were able to free the captives and look about the alcove, finding some interesting items. Meanwhile, a gang of cultists arrive at the Juju House. Poole was able to get the police down to the Juju House post-haste and a major bust occurred. Meanwhile, some of the bolder investigators looked down into the pit, finding something they couldn’t quite comprehend, but instinctively knew to destroy.



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